Saturday, January 1, 2000

About Me

I've spent the last four to five years freelance writing for several local A&E publications while working full-time at an internet virtual world gaming site as a copywriter and associate producer/project manager. But perhaps more importantly, I have spent the last nine years in Milwaukee deeply involved in the local music and entertainment scenes, bringing exciting independent music to Milwaukee and waving the Milwaukee flag on national tours with my own band. My freelance writing tends to focus on this aspect of Milwaukee; its local music scene and more recently, the local roller derby league, the Brewcity Bruisers (for which I am an announcer for live bouts). It is my goal to eventually acquire a position in Milwaukee that combines my writing expertise with my passion for and knowledge of Milwaukee's arts & entertainment scenes, especially with regard to promoting local music and covering national bands visiting Milwaukee.

At my last job, in addition to my primary duties as site copywriter and associate producer, I dabbled in SEO Copywriting, PR/Press Release writing, and Social Media management, running the site's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, even producing videos of kids playing in our virtual world.

Here's where you can find my work online:

DJ at the Onion's AV Club Milwaukee

DJ at

IfIHadAHiFi press release for the Nada Surf EP - the #1 Google result for Sonic Rocks promotional magnets, run by my friend Chris. I edited and wrote portions of the SEO Copy for the site.

An example
of the videos I made to promote the online game play at my previous job


Email at hotshotrobot at gmail dot com
LinkedIn (My resume's over on this here site, yo)
Check out the bands, IfIHadAHiFi and Zebras, because why the heck not? I mean, really, you like music, right? Then you're probably gonna hate us, but that's ok.